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Parachute Cord Answered

How do you join two pieces of parachute cord together? We've tried burning them with a lighter. That didn't work too well. Thanks!


Guys if I am reading this question correctly, it sounds like he wants a method of joining two strands together in a seamless and UN-knotted method... I could be wrong...

What I do is scrunch down the outer sheath just a tad and carefully cut out about an inch of the inner strands. I then pull the empty sheath over the ends of my hemostats and melt the sheath just a little. This will give you a tube that shouldn't fray... I push the other strand of paracord inside the tube and sew them both together.

Richard K.


There are many ibles here on "knots". You could use a "sheet bend" but parachute cord is smooth and slides as it stretches in use so you would have to secure the free ends coming out of the knot to keep it from popping out unexpectedly.


9 years ago

Try a Fisherman's Knot. These can be made more secure by tying them "double" or "triple." These are little tricky (search for "double fisherman's knot", if you can't visualize it.)

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