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Parachute? Answered

I was wondering what to do with a parachute, when it opens its about 20 ft in diameter.


I sleep in one of mine - an old '68 French Navy white silk. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

I use both white canopies to project visuals on at shows. Also use for pillows, blankets, blanket forts, tents, extra rooms, drive-in movie screens and more. I have one in my vehicle at all times.

Have fun!!


 a tarp vintage bedsheets a wall decorations ummmm i am running out of ideas


9 years ago

In Australia many homes have circular washing lines called Hills Hoists. They are kind of like a very large umbrella with hanging lines between each prong (like a spider web).

Putting a parachute over the top would make an excellent outdoor entertainment area-(some have converted using shade cloth over here).

Draping it from the house, with some posts on the outer ends...? A 'chute would make a pretty good shade cover,-though not UV resistant.

Where on earth did you get one?! anyhoo...you could make a tent, play the parachute game with 6 year olds... jump out of a plane... plenty of things.

well at a civil air patrol activity they were gonna throw it away because it "expired" so i took it, (its kinda to big to play a parachute game with!) i might make a tent..

That's pretty cool beans. I can't think of any specific projects but it would be handy to have for lots of little things.