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Parallel connection. Am I doing this right? Answered

I am making a mult-point power station where I can connect a few of my devices (max. 5) together. Obviously, the wiring would be in parallel. I am also attaching on/off switches so that the device gets powered only when I want it to.
I envision it being used like thus - one or two mobile charging, maybe power a stereo, an LED lamp. Rarely all would be on together but it is a possibility.

1) I wanted to know if I am making the connections correctly. Please have a look at the dig. I made.

2) Also, I am using small 3 way toggle switches because a) They are small enough to fit into my case and b) they look neat imho. They are rated as 3AM, 250V

3) Since it would be a bit cramped I would be soldering the wire to the switches.

Is the wiring scheme good, can I use these switches, any further suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


What power supply will you be using?


I would be plugging it in to my wall socket. The most heavy load on it would be if I would connect it to a stereo and charge a laptop too. or maybe when I charge 2 laptops on it.

The laptop chargers need mains, this is a mains-switcher?
If so just use an expansion socket - you should be able to run everything at once.



6 years ago

Wiring is fine.
The circuit format is called parallel wiring ( same as house wiring )..

The three way toggle switch will work, but you can save some money by using
a simple On / off ( Single Pole Single Throw ) SPST switches.



To help deal with the 'cramped' conditions in the case, a single 'hot' bus bar can be added to the switches in a straight line, then have a line come off to each appliance from the switched power.

Make sure to switch the 'hot' black wire (thin leg on a north american plug), and ensure the wire used is sufficient for the current draw. Since it is household current, include proper junctions/wire nuts/marettes to ensure connections are safe.

I was thinking of using the same wire that I am using for this project to make the bus. I want to use 5 points. So, how about if I cut this wire at 4 different places and remove the sheath so that a small segment of the wire is exposed (Have a look at the photo). And then I can wound up a piece of wire to this exposed part and attach it to the switch. As for the 5th point the main bus wire can terminate at the 5th switch.

The wire that I am using is rated as 0.75 sq mm, 1100V

What do you think?

Charging station 1 - F8148 Instructable.JPG

That would do - just make sure the connections are insulated