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Parallelized Wind Power Answered

This started as a blog post on Make

It was suggested to head over to instructables and get some stuff going here and it seemed a good idea. Also, in the meantime I found (of course) a bunch of cool wind projects here (about 20). I really like the vertical Savonius turbines. I wonder if those could be stacked with a similar effect?

I've been wanting to do a wind power project for a while, and it seems like a good one to work on with others. Here's a brainstorm to kick things off. Please add to it or suggest alternatives problems etc.

- total parts cost < $200
- leverage off the shelf parts as much as possible.
- little or no machining.
- over 100 watts, (ideally 300-500) (this could be totally unrealistic with a $200 price, not sure yet)
- usable in small yards, urban roof tops

The guys who made the original did some research for a grant and the paper is available here: http://www.speakerfactory.net/TURBINES/GRANTS/Selsam%20EISG%2002-18%20Final.doc

Alright. Hopefully this is enough to kick off some discussion and gather up interested parties. I think the first step will be to tack down goals and solidify a general approach. Ideally in the end, we can come up with a good parts list from a minimal number of sources, and an instruction set that's relatively easy. A group might also leverage some purchase power by getting some of these parts in bulk (ie. a whole bunch of airplane props).



ohh yeah. That site is otherpower.com

The hamster wheel is on this page:

They really have tons of cool stuff on that site. I think I might be too lazy to build my own alternator or carve my own blades. I was kind of hoping we could use brushless motors and some propellers from the RC airplane world...

That sounds like an interesting idea, There's a site I'll have to dig up, it basically a big eco ranch, they build generators from scratch, including the actual generator components, they've even put on their hamster wheel... I'm wondering what the best kind of trubine is and have been trying to work it out, savonius seem good but 'top out' having a limited top speed after a certain amount of windspeed... The ones like airplane props seem good in strong steady wind but aren't much good in turbulent or slow winds... The old farm style ones do well in most winds and the one I have will turn in a slight breeze despite being badly bent... I think 100W is a good base target for $200 though I'm sure some will get more than that depending on the parts they have lying around...