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ParanoidLinux Answered

The fictional version of Linux from Cory Doctorow's new book "Little Brother" shall soon be fiction no longer.

I kid you not. ParanoidLinux is coming soon to a computer near you. Perhaps even an iPhone.

Thanks Boing Boing!


A contest about that book..? I'm readin' it now

Ah! I need to get the book next time I go to B&N! Can someone inform me of what the OS in the book is like?

You can print it online, free at his website : Craphound

Mind you, Doctrow takes quite a bit of artistic licence, but its basically a uber-secure distro. The net connections are taken with highest priority of being safe, and Doctrow outlined a pretty convoluted method. These people are aiming for the core concept outlined, not trying to actualy mimic the book.

Ah! The polar opposite of Windows! Genius!

Yes! Call it tf-o-sorc-im. (tf)Totally freaky (o)open (sorc)source (im)interface mechanism. And it's the exact backward of microsoft!

I love that book!

I'm a little bit out of subject but, talking about paranoia, does anyone have any idea on how to make a camera jammer ? I was thinking about strong IR lights blinding the CCDs, but it was just an idea... Anyway I'll surely make a thread on the forums.

Hey thanks! Yes, I was talking about security cameras, now I just need to do an 'Ible about this. Btw, Isn't it just a couple of AA battery wired to a bunch of IR LEDs ?

Yay, I have been trying to figure a way of having something of the like, I'm planning on getting a second 'puter running as my secure computer...