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Paris Underground (catacombs) Answered

Did anyone else listen to the story of the catacombs of Paris on NPR? I found it intriguing! 



6 years ago

I would love to go there. The only problem is that I am in the US with a budget of approximately nothing.

Oh well, old subways and drains in the Bay Area will have to suffice for now :/


not that creepy, I would say respect is what they want you to feel...

EASY place to visit.....exit your airplane or train, get to the metro (french underground) and go to ¨denfert rochereau¨ station, the enter of the catacombs are right here.....


If you really really want to visit the catacombs, you will have to try harder and search the internet ( in french....) for the people that walk them illegally ( very small fines are given to them, since most of them are serious)

search the web for ¨cataphiles¨ (those who like catacombes...)
you will have to proove you motivations and you'd better have a headlamp, rubber boots and resdy to ruin clothes.....

I like caving and I met a guy that did it several times when he was a student in paris.

try it!!!!

I read about it in National Geographic, I think it's so cool! I'd love to be able to explore the catacombs of Paris.

You'd get lost beyond belief my friend ;)

I've been there and that place is a maze. No wonder the french resistance used it during WW2. The Germans didn't even dare to search the catacombs for the resistance members...

There where simply to many hiding and ambush place's and believe me that place was scary with the lights on now think of it in the complete dark with danger lurking everywhere and you don't know where you are...

If you're ever in Paris  you should totally check it out, is great to see but very macabre.

I'll check through the pictures on my parent's computer when I get home from college :) I don't remember if we respected the no pictures rule in the catacombs or not anymore ;)

I saw this topic on your profile and instantly remembered the first 39 clues book and realized that as much as I want to go there I don't want to go there. Anyway I believe the reasons you can't take pictures are because sudden sound could collapse the place (of course so could the man in black) and because sudden bright light from a camera flash could blind people. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

i can find you some pics of the catacombs

Oh that is fine, you don't have to do that! I was just asking him because he had been there! Did you hear the story on NPR or read about it in the National Geographic? :D

I would simply adore going to the catacombs in Paris too!