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Park Tool Bike Month Winners Announced Answered

Instructables and Park Tool are happy to announce the winners of the Park Tool Bike Month. We asked you to show your love and support of bikes and you all did with some amazing Instructables.

As per usual, we wish we had more prizes to give out because there were so many deserving Instructables. The 20 winners below are all worth checking out as are many more of the entries. If you haven't had time to look through them all, do it now. The weather is warm, gas is expensive, and you should be out pedaling. Seriously.

On with the winners with each group presented in random order.

Voting Prize

The authors of these Instructables will each an I-Beam Mini Fold Up HexWrench / Screwdriver Set from Park Tool and an Instructables Robot t-shirt.

Judges Prize

The authors of these Instructables will each an I-Beam Mini Fold Up HexWrench / Screwdriver Set from Park Tool and an Instructables Robot t-shirt.


How to Build a $10 Bicycle Whip Light: Be seen and be safe by Mr. Rig It
Repainting An Old Bicycle by Dr.Paj
A bike trailer? That's unheard of! by MN218
Bike Generator by dbc1218
Cell phone battery powered bike lights by chargeman
fischertechnik Bicycle by ftking_83702
Safety Penny Fakething by Wobbly John
Add a bluetooth adapter to your GPS device by Sudija
How to lock your nice bike up at work by joe
wiper glove by mikeasaurus


Wa-hay - well done all. Nice to see so many first-time winners in there as well. Extra Kudos to those.

What does Wa-hay mean? I have seen you use it in a variety of ways...

A general noise of enjoyment and pleased surprise at achievement. Say it loudly, with a big smile for maximum effect. Like hurrah, but doesn't need a crowd.

Ah, I see...but why did you say it when I made a version of your avatar that you thought made you look like a geek? You said "Wa-hay-I'm a geek!"

Because I am?

Think of it as Bart or Homer saying woo-hoo! - some emotion, different accent.

i've never seen the simpsons, but I believe I catch your drift. :)

And I've got to say, "Crush All Those Who Stand Before You" is my favourite Instructable title ever

Thanks fungus amungus for being the judge and awarding me one of the Judges prizes! i will upload pictures of my prizes when they arrive !! :D thanks again

Congratulations to all participants. What a great contest, we definitely had some unique projects and I like them all. Keep up the good work! Oh and another patch for me! Patches are always cool! Thank you for the votes and all of the comments. Keep on building!

LOL, I only have three patches, I guess I will have to win more to fill it up :-)

Congratulations to all of the winners! Great projects!

Congrats everyone!

A special thanks to KJL! Now I can do more than pick my front wheel up for 1/2 second...

Yeehahaha... I won... Thankyou... Also it's sweet, look at the pic for the forum topic...

I do have a minor question, was I a vote? it's just I honestly thought that the urban cycling one was a far better instructable compared to the tricks one... Durrrrrr stupid question, I am in the voting section... Still all the same the other two were far better 'ibles IMO...


10 years ago

Would you look at that...I'm a runner up. I didn't even have final photos up yet (I have them on my camera and will be downloaded when the good computer is available). I'm on my Ipod so I can't really upload anything yet. Congrats to all the winners.

You may not have final photos of the bike back together, but the frame painting was covered.

I know, but it looks a lot better now with all the wires and shifters on it. I'll get those pictures posted in the hour, be sure to check them out.

OK the pictures are in, although some of the pictures didn't turn out as good as my bike did.