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Particapants in this contest Answered

Is it just me or do you all also think there's only going to be 7 contestants in this contest.


please vote for me!! I can't believe it - only one comment too... maybe it's overly complex for an 'ible?

I'll vote for you on 'okay idea' principles, but uhh... I don't think 'too complex' is the problem. Quite the opposite, in fact... unless i'm mistaken, you provided a lot of reasons why something was needed, what was needed, and the problems inherent to your idea, but the actual the instructions in their entirety did not adress said issues, and were not much more than 'purchase blue EL, wrap baby in EL and blanket. " The links provided actually gave further reason why this would be a poor idea... there's the whole 'you didn't cap the end' problem ( where an adult can just go 'oops, i will not touch the end' a baby wrapped in the stuff may not be able to get away from it. Continued zapping = pain, burns and (I know this because it happened to me) long-lasting numbness. And the 'babies and strings= choking deaths" thing. This possible inability to extricate themselves from a malfuntioning or tangled device is a standard problem for devices for babies, the elderly and the infirm.... and the 'EL breaks (not 'in half' breaks, but ceases to function) if flexed' problem. And the 'some type of EL are quite poisonous if chewed' issue... your ible, as presented, ( i see a lot of 'if it goes wrong, it's not my fault' type stuff, one 'don't try this at home' but where's the DONT ACTUALLY DO THIS TO ANY BABY, IT HAS NOT BEEN TESTED?) is dangerously irresponsible *shrugs* as for existing methods being expensive, etc... you said that you didn't check for prior art patents... I could knock something safer, better, cheaper (than if you got enough EL for a decent amount of light), more lasting (you /did/ know that ELis not terribly bright to begin with, and loses about 1/2 of its brightness after about 3 months of being 'always on', right?) in half an hour with LED's ... the reason some medical phototherapy rigs cost a bundle (though, the new types aren't very dear at all) is because all medical devices do, due to the very high standards testing (with assosiated price tag) that this wouldn't meet. and good lights that don't emit any UV and infra-red are bit expensive, too. making a super-cheap therapy device would increase risk of 'diagnose-it-myself' parents buying one and using it when not needed, and blue light (as your body mistakes it for the sky or some such) mucks up your circadian rhythm, and therefore, your sleep times and quality, which seems like it would be bad for the child and parents. in short:given that you actually said not to try this, thus making the instruction to buy any gear absurd, and have never done the thing the instructable is about yourself (or you'd be promoting your approved invention, not telling people to make one) I think this instructable would be as much at home on halfbakery as it would on instructables... but, its not like i have kids, and maybe this worked for you *shrug*

thanks SewLolita. I've added some info on my 'ible, and this idea is a concept rather than an approved medical product (I would be a millionaire by now). This product shouldn't be used by children without understanding the hazards and ensuring it is safe and effective for use. All of the concerns you raised above are solvable and imprve on what is already out there. Kind of makes you wonder though! a 10 year old (paediatric) can still order the EL wire online and choke, be overexposed, poked in the eye, burnt, electrocuted and get cancer from a $7 EL system is probably more an issue for the vendors of this product! These hazards exist with your 'ible as well I suspect. Thanks for the compliment that you can do something better in half an hour. I hope you win the EL competition.

sorry to have be so bitchy... I'm just really tense about little kids and electrical stuff : *grins*

of course the same risks apply for all unenclosed electrics- though usually, it wouldn't be a kid doing the potential dangerous stuff. though, I am wondering why anyone would let a 10 year old dumb enough to chew wire or not move something before low-level zapping caused damage online, let alone near needles and electrical goods, but your point still stands

regarding the time thing- buying a standard wet-weather-ok  'light up clothes' kit, and replacing the standard LEDs with the pre-approved blue-light-only LEDs, and installing it into a blanket would actually be pretyy quick... I didn't mean it whe way it came out :(

Hi SewLolita. from your earlier post: >>I could knock something safer, better, cheaper (than if you got enough EL for a >>decent amount of light), more lasting (you /did/ know that ELis not terribly >>bright to begin with, and loses about 1/2 of its brightness after about 3 months >>of being 'always on', right?) in half an hour with LED's ... Great! There just happens to be a LED 'ible contest on now. So, are you going to put your time where your mouth is! Especially given it only takes you a half hour to knock something up with LEDs per your post above. Or, if you were all talk and were trying to knock me out of the last comp then that's ok, just admit it. Or if you are struggling to put the LED result together in half an hour, please contact me if you need a hand to put the LED phototherapy 'ible together, we can split the proceeds. I think it might take me more than half an hour, but what would I know? LOL

It's not all too easy to come buy unless you get it off the web, so that limits who can enter.

10 days into it, and not a single entery.

. Which contest might that be?

probably referring to the EL wire contest. This forum topic is listed there and keywords tagged as such. When you start a topic from the contest page, there doesn't seem anything like a banner put up that this is related to the contest in question.