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Partitioning and mounting images to flash drives? Answered

I need to do the following: 1.) Partition the 2GB flash drive into 1 1GB, and 2 512MB's 2.) Burn a bootable ISO (Auditor) onto the 1 GB 3.) Burn another bootable ISO (OPHCRACK-XP) onto one of the 512's 4.) Burn another bootable ISO (OPHCRACK-VISTA) onto the other 512. 5.) Have the little bugger acutally WORK Thanks a lot guys -- J0n@$


And it worked for a flash drive? The biggest problem I'm having right now is actually booting to the ISO. I think I might have to use Alchohol 120% to mount a virtual drive on each USB partition, then burn the ISO's onto each drive.

It was a long time ago (what I did / think I remember is a bit fuzzy). But I believe if you configure the USB correctly as a permanent drive (on a temporary basis) it will work as any other fixed disk. I'm sure you're just as capable of rooting round the internet for answers, so I'll not do any of that. But it'd be good to know how you do it when you succeed - instructable? L

Yeah, I'm surprised that there's nothing about this on instructables.