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Passed 100,000 views! Where's my party?? Answered

It's not really a Help question, but I just looked and discovered my view count had passed 100,000! I'd been sort of monitoring this, and a few weeks ago, it was in the low 90s. I had hoped for a little celebration when I reached 100,000, but now that's come and gone! 

Isn't there a patch or something when you reach this milestone? It's exciting!!


There's a total views topic that appears, it's a member run one, you have to add yourself to the group - I haven't seen it in a wee while though... Had an extended absence myself so not sure where it's got to...

I've asked James, he says, that it is currently not working (It only works on his home PC and he is currently in SF). So lets hope for the best.

Ah such as life I guess, I'm sure it'll get started again at some point...

Yeah i had to remind him to do it a while ago.

I'm close to 50,000 I'm exited about that.

Here is the patch jayfuu will give you when he gets around to it.


Yay! I remember when I got my first 100,000. It felt so good. :D

Congrats and I hope you hit 1,000,000 soon!