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Passing lesson to 100% - workaround/solution? Answered

To all of You having problems with completing the lesson (I also had). Here is a hack to do it, I hoipe You can follow.

Indeed there is a second question which is not rendered correctly.

- Right click on the first question somewhere inside the box.

- Pick "Inspect element" from context menu (or something similar depending on the browser You use).

- A toolbox-side window will open with the HTML code of the Instructables website in the place where You inspected element.

- SOmewhere next to it You should find 2 entries like this: <pre class="quiz-json">

- Click one of them to select it.

- In "Styles" section You can see a part: .quiz-json { display: none;}

- Unselect "display: none" CSS value. The second question (with wrong rendering but still readable) should appear on the website. Question is about the picking the strongest password "muffins" related.

- Choose the correct answer and click the "Answer" button.

- You should have now 100% for Lesson 1.

Good luck.