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Password Recovery Program Answered

OK...SOOOOO...heres my problem...I have an 8GB ATP ToughDrive (A Flash Drive) that I can only access 1.41GB of because the Encryption software created a partition in the drive...UNFORTUNATELY the original password set by ATP does not work. i called the, company and they pretty much said eff off...SOOO i am stuck with a dillema...i need the best possible DECRYPTION software, or Password Recovery Software that i can get for free...i have tried google searches, yahoo searches, etc. and every time nothing seems to find the password, or just isnt meant to recover a password in general...Help please?! 

NOTE: I would prefer the program to be free, HOWEVER...if i have to pay for it, i wont mind as long as it wont break the bank.

Thanks In Advanced For Your Help!!!

Sokami Wohali


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If it where easy to break a encrypted drive then there wouldn't be much point in putting the encryption on in the first place. Without the encryption key you may never get that data back. Hope you have a backup of the data somewhere. Remeber a backup isn't a backup if the data is only in one location.

After a bit of research it appears there is a venerability in the Thoughdrives. This article may be of some help. I didn't take the opportunity to read all of it but it does disclose some info about your flash drive.

AWESOME. thank you. i will read up on it and then let you know whats going on! lol...There is no info on the ToughDrive...at least nothing of importance to me or anyone else.

Then i guess your out of luck. Like i said Encryption is not meant to be broken. Its no surprise the company is no help. They don't know if it is in fact your drive or one you "acquired". I'm afraid your out of luck.

ehh. its all good. i have the POP for the device. i will just send it in to them and tell em that the default password didnt work. They will send me another one (the lady there said they would do that...haha...lucky enough)