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Password Security:Time delay lock Answered

I've been reading about how easy it is for a computer to try 1000 passwords per second to get into your account.

A human being could probably only try 1 every 10 seconds. 

So why not put a timer on the gate?  If you enter the wrong password, you have to wait 10 seconds before trying another.


You could but that would annoy the real user trying to log in. It may have been a typo or they have difficulty typing and then you try to punch in something else quickly which adds to the bad entry because the system was not listening. I think you have to take into account making the system accessible to all first and then maybe after 3 or 4 tries, lock them out for a longer period or need them to contact someone for assistance. Banks usually have that. The number of tries or rapid multiple logon attempts to trigger a lockout would be something you have to build into your own system though. Having a good password is part of the equation.