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Patchwork fabric paving concept. Answered

On Freshome, via NOTCOT;

Juliana Santacruz Herrera decided the streets of Paris were too gloomy and needed a little fresh touch. With these in mind she came up with the concept of decorating the potholes of the city using colorful strips of fabric. These were placed randomly in shallow breaks and cracks, creating a fun and colorful change in the landscape. The artist’s visual intervention brings a happy touch to the gray streets of Paris and creates a fun and appealing contrast with the dark cement. But what if we were to take this idea further? If you like how this photos look, perhaps you could use them as a source of inspiration when it comes to patching up your own courtyard, patio and so on. Sounds practical?

So, how could it be made (reasonably) practical?

Maybe a pourable clear or translucent resin?  What do you think?


What an inspiring idea! Thanks for sharing!

The answer to your question is "Yes", there are Acrylic compounds used in flooring and "Polymer Concrete" that would probably be suitable. Similar to the acrylic resin that you can buy from an art shop for casting.

However making it permanent might detract from the artistic statement. There are also an amazing number of rules about what colours can and cannot be used to mark roads, different markings for permanent, Long term, short term, and what is NOT allowed.

I can't remember the name of the document but it's a very large book with very small print. Good for insomnia or throwing at attacking hoards of Chavs, or Zombies, (which amounts to much the same thing).

The books are probably the uniform code of buidling standards and the penal code for misdemeanors in creating a hazard to the public. As a property owner, you would be liable for having a tripping hazard and such would be responsible for any consequences.

The document I was thinking of is the one concerned with "Traffic Signs and Road Markings on the Public Highway" though the Building Standards codes sound like a similarly useful tome.

Either way, here in NYC, home of moon crater sized potholes, it would be better served to mark around them so that you can avoid the potholes while driving. The city has not figured out how to repair them correctly and do not learn from others such as the way they maintain Germany's autobahn.

...and making the pot hole center flourescent or maybe even phosflourescent for night time viewing :-)

However, none of that stops it being done on private property, say in your own yard, or as the floor of a yarn shop.

I love this :)
reminds me of a shop entrance that filled in missing mosaic tiles with different coloured resin, can't find a picture right now but will try to root it out.
This looks great, and yeah, clear resin over this should definitely do the trick...


7 years ago

Wow, What an Idea ! I Like It !
Do you think colored micro glass sphericules could be troweled on top of wet concrete ?

Enough to make the concrete transparent? I doubt it.

No, but it might protrude from the top.
Then again, you are right, it is (my idea) implausible.
And top epoxy colored stones sun disintegrate where I live at 4400' / 1340m..

I heard that dead-bunnies had been tarmaced into potholes in Sheffield. I don't think that was art though.