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Patenting an Instructable? Answered

Hi, I'm new to Instructables and I have always wanted to know whether Instructables provides patenting services for the inventors who want their instructable to be patented.



In most of the world, the act of publication before filing a patent prevents you getting one.

Because of the variety of places Instructables gets it's ideas, providing such a service would be nigh on impossible. They'd have to know the laws in every country in the world, and have legal authority in each of those countries.

Patents today is mostly for the BIG companys or VERY rich people that don't need it. Small company have a very hard time to patenting anything because the big companys will probably try to sue them on MANY other patents even if they know that they will never win. Only so that the small company run out off money defending MANY other cases and in the end they can't defend themself or the paent that they did invent. Then the big company swoops in and "patent" their newly stolen invetion. And for a private person you will have to lay down some serious $$$ that not many can. And there is a big chance that you could "loose" to a big company anyway so if you did scrape all the $$$ togheter you will probably be bankrupt and have NO new patent.

No they don't.
And it's seldom worth the hassle & expense anyway.


There is this patenting instructable, but it may be dated.  It is a legal process so depending on where you want the patent protection, where to file, are you a business or individual, you may need to seek out the specific local laws/fees and get knowledgeable legal advice.

As far as I know, you put up an instructables with "minimal" creative commons license or more restrictive rights so that you can apply for the patent on your own accord.  I think the normal patent application is much more legal/written in legalese and more detailed in format that what we see in an instructable so I don't think you can just copy and paste between the two.  You might hook up with a venture capitalist that might see your instructable and then there are a few that have made some things like electronic projects into kit form to sell on makezine site or etsy.  Haven't really heard of something that was patented.  Good luck.