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Patter For A Backpack Answered

I am looking for a pattern or tips/tricks for making a backpack like the ones in the photos I have all of the materials I need and will be using ripstop nylon to make the backpack. Anything would help.


You can get patterns from dressmaking pattern books. Another trick is to find an old one de-construct it and use the pieces as the template. Good luck.

good backpack.

You've got all of these  https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/?sort=none&q=backpack or search the web for backpack or rucksack patterns, there should be something out there.
Reverse engineer a backpack you already have by cutting patterns that match the existing backpack.  You could alter it to fit your needs. Nylon is sometimes slippery in the sewing machine so make the correct tension adjustments or iron on some interfacing to stiffen up the fabric.  Have a heavy duty machine to punch through thick seams.  Ripstop nylon is usually cut with a hot knife to seal the edges that fray easily, or use some kind of binding or ribbon to cover the seam.  Examine backpacks and see how the commerical ones are made.  Bartack with the sewing machine at all the stress points.  Good luck.