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Patterned materials.. Answered

Trying to get  a jump on my costume this year for halloween and I want to a) plan ahead better, and b) base it on my character in Second Life. Problem is I have been looking at everything from shower curtains to upholstery materials, trying to find a solution, without much luck. Mainly due to the "best" match for what I want to try being an upholstery category material (and even that isn't.. quite right), but I have a lot of yardage involved, and it costs like $27 a yard or something... :p

Basically, what I am looking for is something rubber like, so flexible, not overly "glossy", with enough thickness it can be layered, but with fairly fine detailed patterning on it. The original "suit" this is supposed to mimic looks a bit like layers of flexible armor, layered over each other, but both due to the design not being mine, and the prospect of, once done, photoing the result, doing a bit of Photoshopping on it, and "replacing" the in-world version I currently have, I want to make it slightly different.

The problem, of course is that I am running into a problem of finding any material, never mind what fits the bill, save for, maybe, buying just smooth, rubber sheeting, similar to inner-tube material, then trying to do something with it. But, how, if I had PVC rubber, do I add texture to the thing (other than, for example, trying to airbursh a pattern over it, which I have zero skill at)? Nearly everything is the wrong material, too big a texture, or just.. not one that will work.

Mind, best possible texture would be something like:


But, that ain't happening, so.. something like:


or even a very small pattern or honeycomb, like:


Would work. Heck even if I had to decal the stuff on, somehow.. But I am at a loss here as to what material to use (mainly do to finding a place to get it cheap, and not in some insane amount), and if I can get it, how to make the result not look something like the attached image, or better, add the texture to it I would like to see.

Any ideas at all?



5 years ago

Uh, on second thought, the Tech256 image is probably "too" over the top. lol But something similar, to hint at an underlying layer like it would, if it was even possible, be nice to see. Its supposed to be "high-tech", but not bulky, armor, sort of similar, in principle, to say, what the woman on the new show "Continuum" started out with (minus the ability to make it look like anything you want), so.. maybe using a template or something and painting it on would kind of work.. using like rubber sealer, or something, so it would "build up", instead of just coating the surface with coloring.. Still need to find something I can buy cheap to actually start with though, and a place to get it. :p