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Payment and cancelation terms for PRO accounts Answered

Subscribtion to get PRO is absolutely clear BUT: how to cancle this account and especially the donation/payment again? Is it limited to the periode of time payed in advance (e.g. one month) or will it be charged automatically till I cancle it?



To set your pro membership so that it does not auto-renew, please send an email to cancel at instructables dot com.  In the email, please include your Instructables username and the email address associated with your account (so we can verify we're canceling the right one). 


I would like to renew my pro membership, but there does not seem to be a place or button anywhere to do this. How do I renew? Let my old membership lapse and then join again?

Your membership has renewed. You can see your account details by clicking on "You" at the top of the page and then selecting the "Pro Membership" tab.

Hi Folks,
I need to cancel my pro account as I have no current income source.
You say to send an email to instructables dot com.   This is not actually an email address.   Can you provide a real address and instructions for cancellation.

In advance,  thank you!

Regards,   James Newsom

Actually, what Eric wrote above is to send an email to  cancel at instrutables dot com.  Replace the short words with the appropriate special characters.  Spelling them out is a way to prevent "spambots" from harvesting the address automatically.


8 years ago

so, if i didn't pay thru paypal what i have to do for pro cancellation?

See Eric's reply from 12 Nov 2009 for your situation.

credit card on the instructables page.
paypal want  an account and i don't want a paypal account.

Check what period you actually signed up for: "pay monthly" is a 12 month subscription billed monthly. Your card company should be able to advise you better.


If you bought your pro membership via PayPal, you can manage or cancel your subscription directly on PayPal:
PayPal instructions for managing your subscriptions:

If you bought directly via Instructables, send an email to service @ instructables with your Instructables username and we'll take care of it for you. 

oh right deos it mean your not pro if you don't have a pro symbal beside your guy?

yes but i don't know i made an account and it imeadietly thought i wanted pro i don't have a paypal account so i can't pay (sorry about spelling isuses)

I visited PayPal and found that the Pro subscription can be cancelled there. Once cancelled, a robot sends this email message:

"Your request to cancel your Pro subscription was received on June 16, 2009. You still have 31 days left in this payment period, so enjoy the Pro features until then.

Canceling your subscription will not cancel your account. You will be able to upgrade to Pro again once your payment period has ended.

If you need help or have questions about Pro accounts, please visit our active help forum at:

- https://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=help&category=pro_accounts

Instructables Pro Robot"