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Pc giving me a bluescreen error. Answered

I`ve got a intel 2.6 dual core, gigabyte g31m motherboard, 9800 gt 1gb ddr3 graphics card, ddr2 800 mhz 2 gig and a 1gig ram in my pc with a 500watt power supply. Every now and then when you least expect it my computer freezes and my pc gives me a bluescreen error and immediately restarts the same does not happen when i use my old 8500gt ddr2 1b graphics card. Is it due to a loss of power or is the ddr3 version graphics card causing the trouble as my previous one is a ddr2?




Best Answer 8 years ago

Are you uninstalling the old driver and then installing the new driver?  If you're not then you can't be sure that the new driver is installing properly.

When does the computer freeze.  If it's not during high activity on the part of the graphics card then power is probably not the problem.  A graphics card doesn't use much power until it is being pushed hard.  Then it will use all it can get.

Does the card have an extra power connector?  Is it connected to the motherboard?

Thanx for the assistance, my graphics card has a separate power input splitting out in two power connectors, I have only been using the one instead of the 2nd one as well now all is running without any hassles on my existing 500Watt PSU thanx for the assistance

A while ago, I upgraded my 8500 GT to two 8600 GT's in SLI.  As I later discovered, my power supply didn't have enough poop to power the newer(ish) graphics cards, and would cause a BSOD like yours at fairly random intervals (usually when playing demanding games).  How many amps do you have on the 12 volt rails?  My current power supply has 50 amps, and I haven't looked back.

What are you doing when it happens, what error message can you see before it restarts, what OS do you have on the machine?