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Pc won't turn on? Answered

Please I need a solution to my hp pavilion dv8000 that has refused to turn on, it shows that it is plugged in b'cos the adapter is working properly but I think it is a power problem. the board is not receiving any charge or current.. please i need some answers. this is my mail.. femchard123@yahoo.com



Thy running it for a day and pounding on the keyboard periodically. This may fuse some wires back together.

Agreed with Mr Harris on the personal details thing. Not good practice. I urge you to edit question and remove email address for your safety!

As to the problem, well, you did say "adapter", right? that implies a laptop/portable to me, so...batteries may have gone bye bye. take it into a local computer store and see if they can do a diagnostic. 

Oooo It's unadvisable to put personal details on public display.

Sounds like the PSU is dead and will need replacing.

As a first check swap the mains lead for another that you know is working - They are all the same - you might be able to use your printer cable as an example.