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Pcb charger question? Answered

Hi All
Am new to this, I just build a set of LED bike lights (kinda ugly but they are the portotype..lol) and am in the middle of figuring out how to build the batteries. I am a bit confussed about the PCB, found this one on Ebay and it says it is a charger as well, so......... if I build a battery up with this board can I just charge it with any power source (I work with computers so have buckets of laptop chargers, as well as Li-ion batteries). I am now charging two batteries at a time and running the lights in a 8 battery case, only run for 2-2.5hrs so they are not going below 2.5v. Heres a pic of my EVIL lights.




2 years ago

Of course you can charge the batteries with the circuit. The circuit has over charge and over discharge protection so it works on both sides (charging and discharging)


5 years ago

That's not what you are looking for. It's a mobile charge controller where you hook up 4 batteries to charge something else on the go. You might use this to power your lights by batteries but it won't charge your batteries when you get back to the house.