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Peacock invasion - what to do? Answered

We have been invaded by a peacock, it is quite aggressive, pecks at the cars (I guess it can see it's reflection), messes everywhere and dig up the gardens.

Anyone any idea how to make it go away.




Best Answer 3 years ago

if you know where it sleeps you can bag it at night and relocate it , grab it by the feet and hold it upside down and it will stop fighting and calm down then put in a pillow case and take it some where else

did it work. you move it.

Eat it!

(PS I'm going to make one of your geodesic clingfilm greenhouses this winter :D)

Great, post pictures - The biggest I have made so far was 30 foot in diameter.

They are classified as ferral wild birds here - i am not sure if they are protected - Most of our birds are.


3 years ago

Thinking of competition plus mirrors - It would be interesting to know how it reacts to mirrors facing each other... an infinity of peacock rivals? Or maybe three mirrors in the right orientation to let it see itself from all angles. On the other hand, messing with its mind might make it worse problem. I hope you post what works.

Put a contract out on it.

auto sprinkler,i know chickens and turkeys don't like getting wet ,


3 years ago

Advertise it for sale and or to give away and let whoever gets it worry about the catching and relocating.

"Free to a good home: our favorite male peacock. Bring your own container for transport. "

Out-compete it.

Make yourself a huge, LED peacock tail and walk around in it, making the peacock mating call.

Host one of its predators. Decapitate it with a machete. Garrote it with piano wire. Electrify a cookie sheet in front of a mirror. Shoot it.

animal control

live trap/relocate

eat it for thanks giving