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Peanut Butter Answered

I just finished off a jar of peanut butter and was thinking about how I eat a lot of peanut butter (and I mean a lot!) and was just wondering if anyone had a recipe for peanut butter?? Also any ideas would be useful.
Much appreciated.
A loyal PB Fanboy.


It's true: the recipe for peanut butter is peanuts+salt, +(sometimes) sugar or honey, to taste. If you have a food processor, it's pretty easy--just throw in the nuts & a bit of salt & process til smooth. If you want crunchy, stir chopped nuts into the freshly made p.b. Just remember, this isnthe "old-fashioned" stuff thatbyou have to stir before using, and that sticks to the roof of your mouth....

I've used a recipe that uses olive oil and raw peanuts. Makes delicious and healthy peanut butter. It also calls for 1-2 tbs of honey. I've tried both and for me 2 tbs makes it too sweet. You can get the recipe here:

Hope you like it.http://www.restaurantstowson.com

I found this in a Jiffy.


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Thanks everyone, I'm gonna try this tomorow I'll tell you if it tastes nice or not tomorow :)

Take photos, serve PB finger sandwiches at a party, enter it in the party food contest. Good luck.

My mother used to roast a tray of shelled peanuts (with their skins on) on a tray in the oven until they started to look slightly singed.

A noisy spell in the blender, and you were done.

No salt, no sugar, no added oils, just hot nuts.

Because they "DO" add oil to the mixture after pulverizing, it would be recommended to use one that was NOT fully nor partially hydrogenated because they are trans-fats, and are worse for you then pure saturated fats.

If you have ever gotten "organic" peanut butter, you will notice that the oils will float to the top of the jar,  this is because they haven't been heated under pressure in order to solidify them (hydrogenize).  

It will taste different also, because you don't have the added sugar and salts they put in (not really recommended anyways, if you can avoid it and adjust to the "actual taste of peanuts").

No, but I have a recipe for caramel-peanutbutter ice cream though!

Alton Brown (aka Atlanta's local kitchen deity) suggests the following:

15oz of roasted shelled skinned Spanish peanuts
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1.5 teaspoon honey
1.5 tablespoons. Peanut oil

Throw a bunch of peanuts in a blender capable of chopping or if you have a "Magic Bullet - as seen on TV" blender. I guess you could also do with a mortar and pestle but that might be messy with the stuff flying out until you get it into a paste consistency. Chunky or smooth? How about throw a bag of peanuts in a heavy duty freezer ziplock bag and take a mallet or hammer to it for a while? Don't use a framing hammer with the milled face which will rip up the bag. A dash of salt or sugar to taste. Note that freshly made peanut butter will have a layer of oil that will float to the top as it settles. Additives in commercial brands will bind some of that oil.