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Pebble smart stick wire broken? Answered

I have a pebble smartstick but the Device charging cable is broken I do not know where to get a new one.

Does anyone know where I can get a new one or to fix it

When I charge the stick to full and then use the wire it will not charge. It did work once but not anymore I did hear something ri.

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5 years ago

How do you know that it is the cable that is broken?
You should get a meter or even a simple continuity light and check it, then think about getting a new one. Otherwise you might just be wasting your time looking to replace something that is not bad.

Well it did work but it now does not

I need a new wire soon!

How have you ruled out everything but the cable? Has the cable been jerked around a lot? Is it always bent at a hard angle?

A cable doesn't just fail out of nowhere. It would take a lot of flexing, tugging or harsh bends to cause it to break. Could it be the adapter that has gown bad or maybe the battery doesn't hold a charge anymore.

We just want to make sure you don't spend the time and money on the cable if that isn't the problem. That being said it would be best to contact the manufacture about a cable replacement. If it will cost too much to replace then slice the broken cable open and do a continuity test to see which wire is bad and fix the problem.

The thing is that it could also be the adapter or even the battery going dead. That is why you have to eliminate things that are not the problem.

If it is the battery you might be able to take it apart and replace it. Or since they are only 20 bucks you could just get a whole new unit.