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Pedal-Powered Blimp to Cross English Channel Answered

Over in England, plans are afoot to cross the English Channel in a pedal-powered blimp. The semi-recumbent bike will power two propellers and French pilot Stephane Rousson hopes to complete the trip in five hours. Looking forward to hearing the results.

via Treehugger


That si so cool-except the fact that I can't swim and I'm scared of heights.

Well if all goes to plan you won't need either of those skills- the blimp will probably fly a few tens of feet above the water. Don't like heights? Stay low. Can't swim? Don't fall off :D

I want one!


8 years ago

I've been wondering... What about adding a big dynamo-generator, that generates electricity from bicycle peddling and stores it in a condensator/battery. This could be enough energy to make a trike drive 80 kilometers/hour. You could peddle, generate electricity, switch on the electromotors to drive the propellors, add speed to the propellors by peddling along with the motors. I've also been thinking about adding some lightweight, glider wings to let the increased speed add some more lift as well.


8 years ago

It still looks like a lot of fun to fly.  Fun is the point, right?

I'm considering turning my moped into a dirigible to fly to Ireland, Scotland, then mabey France...

Awww this is one of those things I always wanted to do, I feel the world needs more zeppelins, take the like of the large nazi ones, sure they were the face of evil but they flew around making everyone feel good, the anit aircraft blimps were often described as beautiful objects of nuisance...

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What if your legs got tired?

HS - you seem to have missed the little message you get at the bottom of the comment box:

"We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site."

I never got to read the second one, I'm sure I had an eloquent but insulting retort...

What happens if he sprains his ankle?

Forget a sprained ankle, what if (as is usually the case) the Channel is windy? I doubt a paltry pair of pedal-powered pusher propellors could take on the effect of wind on that envelope.

Lets just hope its a tailwind.

Look back at the white cliffs of Dover and BLOW!

Aw, he beat me to it... I also have far fetched plans afoot to make such a pedal-powered blimp. It would be more 'blimpy' than this though, more like the White DwarfWhite Dwarf.
It could just about happen, you'll be astonished to hear :) ; I live near an enterprising aerodrome with lots of cavernous, neglected WWII hangar space, perfect for a helium envelope.....

I've been sort of latently mulling over the possibility for ages, weighing gross impracticality, danger and cost against almost biblical coolness. Even been looking up heavy duty carabiners, aviation cable, and software, so who knows, one day I too may take to the grubby skies of the British coast :)

Anyways it would make a cool Instructable, no? :D
Big heads-up to the Frenchy!

He's testing out secret Nazi eco-friendly blimp plans discovered after World War II!!

The froggy invasion begins.

Don't Worry, The brits are usualuy good good at stamping out amphibians, look a Canada!

cool, i wonder if hes ever heard of a ferry....