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Pelt curing: how to preserve the ears and feet of a hare or rabbit? Answered

Yesterday got a hare from roadkill. (It is stewing right now). I want to try to do an attempt at taxidermy. I got the pelt off intact, except the lower part of the legs, and I still have to do the head. I was thinking of just letting the legs dry: Quite tedious to take the skin off, and hardly any meat on it. Can I do this, and can I just let the ears dry?



Best Answer 8 years ago

G00gle "taxidermy" and look for instructions there.

If it is not cured right the hair will fall off.  I did an deer head with antlers about  35 years ago for my father and it's still hanging on the wall.  I don't remember what process I used.

I "tanned" several squirrel hides using diluted battery acid.  They ended up stiff but the hair stayed on.

You can use salt but I don't know how good the process is.

The first stage went well: putting copious amounts of salt over it: they still don't stink!!

Good answer Re-design, here is the best link-love I found.

with Kudos to Pat Lamar at Homesteading today forum.


Off to preserve road kill Hare instructable in hand. ):(*)