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Peltier coolers and condensation? Answered

Hi there,

I'm having this crazy idea of building a mini AC based on a Peltier cooler, and connect it to a PC case to introduce cold air inside of it. I have seen a lot of instructables here, but I'm worried about condensation. You know, the "electronics + power + water = Kaboom!" equation. Neither the peltier nor the "cold" heatsink will be inside the case, I'll just blow air thru the "cold" heatsink and inside the case, releasing hot air far away (maybe with a long tube?). My question is if the cold air will carry some kind of "humidity" from the condensed cold heatsink, and if it will be enough to blow things up. I can spare some 60 or 70 watts to make the peltier work, so I'll just grab a ATX power supply for the peltier and the fans. Do you think it will work?

Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year. :)



2 years ago

same here... thinking to make one as well... trying few times by using 12v 9A x6 batteries box that i keep for Emergency.

when i put both side Peltier with heat sink and up 12v it will get very cold one side and other side very hot... after 1min the Hot side pull out the heat not fast enough and make the cold side become hot as well.... i wish some one could tell how fix this solutions..


7 years ago

I have been thinking of doing the same.
my thoughts on condensation is to keep cold duct sealed and just keep it recirculating.H VAC tape is awesome for this. There will be condensation no matter how the approach, controlling it will be key. I think sealing entire pc casing and turning it into a refrigeration unit its self with cooling running in directed at processors and hdds would be the best approach, but haven't tested.
Best of luck.
I run 400w atx and 2 peltiers cold sides on processor sinks and hot sides on sff coolant sink/ fan and connected intake of fan with a venom energy drink bottle
with the bottom cut off as duct to the top heat for pull of heat exaust


8 years ago

Just make sure your "cold" heatsink drips into a tray.



Answer 8 years ago

Haven't thought about that. Good to know! Thanks!