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Pen + sprinkler = get out of school free! Answered

I will not be as descriptive or dramatic in this story as I was in my last. Last year, someone in my class made a small elastic gun that shot pens and pencils. Someone, who shall remain nameless, was screwing around during LA class trying to get a pen stuck in the ceiling with it. Whats the one thing you hit if you aim at the cieling and miss? A sprinkler. Black, smelly fluid (I know, black? wtf?) sprayed out everywhere as everyone in class eight one was screaming. Within seconds, the school alarm system was activated, and the entire school (~1000 students) was evacuated. 1/4 of the school was flooded, as were 4 computers. (Nameless) did get caught and was suspended from school for ~1 week. We got the rest of the day off school. If you can hit a sprinkler with one of these weapons, and activate it, It's basically a good way to get out of school free. You must have tremendous aim though. Someone with knowledge in the field of sprinkler systems said that (nameless) was extremely lucky that he did not set off every sprinkler in the school, which probably would have gotten us out of school for a week. (and got him suspended for the rest of the year, if he were caught) remember, aim between the red part and the metal part.


I really have to wonder why someone feels the need to post such crap.
It is just totally wrong, no matter from which angle you look at it!

Sprinkler alarms are "regulating" water pressure. Once the sprinkler goes off, the pressure drops and the alarm sounds. The way the system is set up determines how many are triggered by the pressure drop.

you're the expert..

Not really, but the local fire fighters explained it to me once (after the system called them and set our alarm off 2-3 times that month). All it takes is a small leak and eventually the bloody alarm will go off. Ours (where I work) was suffering from some sort of backwash "hammering" because of the way it was installed.

Can you explain the black & smelly part?

It would depend on "what" it smelled like, and felt like. Was it oily feeling, smell like kerosene or did it smell more like sewer gas, or perhaps a metallic smell ?

Oily would sound like fuel oil is getting into the system.

Sewer gas, maybe the septic system ( eeeewwww )

A metallic smell: is there chlorine, acid, or fluorine in the water? Perhaps the pipes are breaking down.


what if it smelled like gasoline or kerosene and caused workers to gt sick like vomit,headaches and respiratory problems??

They eventually figured out that the black stuff is oil to keep the pipes from rusting. It made a nasty mess of everything and everyone in the room though...

Hmm, spraying oil onto a fire.....somehow that sounds a bit wonky. They had steel or iron pipes ?

it was oil or lubricant or something for keeping the pipes from corroding

Thats just a cover-up. It was really a mind-control fluid raining down in a test by the government. GET A TIN-FOIL HAT!

Oh no, not the BLACK OIL ( with apologies to the X-Files) ;-)

it could be a low temperature melting metal. Old sprinklers use a metal that's melting points not too high, but not too low (maybe between 150 and 200 degrees F?) so that when there's a fire the metal melts and releases all of the water. It could be black.

I wouldn't think there would be much of it per sprinkler though, but my reference to Black Oil comes from the TV Sci-Fi series: The X-Files

well after about 10-20 seconds (by the time everyone got out of the class in terror) the water turned normal-colored.

i did it when i was eleven.i told my mom it was for a science fair project

And as for the fire alarms going it is not set off by lose of pressure it is a flow switch. We drill a hole in the pipe and slip in a round piece of plastic that is hooked up to a spring with a metal connection when a head breaks water flows through the pipe from the city and this flap pushes up and makes a connection and sends two singles one the the alarms and another to the fire department sending a response team out.

First off I install fire sprinklers and one big miss conception about fire sprinklers is when one goes off they all do. False. Only the one near a fire will go off unless numerous heads are in the area of the fire. If one was hit only one will go off. Depending on city pressure in my experience usually pressure is around 80psi-100psi that is more than enough to flood out a floor of a building in only a matter of minutes. I watched a hvac guy break one of my fire sprinkler heads and flood out a building in no time. As far as the black water, when water sits in the pipe for a long period of time it turns black like swamp water it becomes stag net. The smell is just the smell of stag net water sitting in iron pipe. The longer it sits the worse it gets.

When I was in middle school, we had a "bomb threat", and everyone waited outside for hours and hours while they searched the school, and we still weren't let out of school for the rest of the day. Last year, there was two almost consecutive gun shooting threats (within a couple days of each other), and the first time we had to stay in the same class for a couple of hours. The second time, they found a note in the bathroom during first period, and we stayed in first period all day, until the final bell.

omg that's like exactly at my school, not beeing to personal, but what state do you live in, I might know you in real life and you don't know it!

Haha, i live in washington too :) i live in kennewick, how about you?

My cousin's school had over 30 bomb threats last year...

Once we were on lockdown because there was some person shooting a gun like, 4 miles away from the school, at the docks. For some reason I just remembered there was some guy that ran over a fish cop with a fork lift at the docks...


10 years ago

I find it hard to believe that 1/4 of a school with 1000 students became flooded because of one sprinkler.

Yes, it is, because when one of them goes off, all of them go off.

 unless, there was a broken pipe that aided in the flooding

 I don't understand how you would pay to get out of school.....

I'm a school custodian and stuff like that just drives me nuts. Can't you guys sleep through class instead of breaking stuff?

i wish kids burned down the Schools.........

Orrville high school, 1970 something. Our auditorium caught on fire. school was out for two weeks, all the belongings in the lockers were smoke damaged and had to be thrown out, walls had to be redone. It's a huge loss of time and money for something like that to happen.

(Plus all the classes that were missed had to be made up during summer break.)

 damn i wish we were allowed to sleep

Lolz, seriously the teachers dont let us sleep >.>

or atleast be not damaging i swapped once all starters in all lights in a class room with bad ones (for the WTH ALL LAMPS ARE BAD AND GLOW IN THE ENDS ??!) the tech guy rofl'd hard when he realized what happened there no one except him (mmmm who asked me for 20 bad starters last week ?) and some friends ever knew who did it. he is in excellent friendship with me so he made no trouble and only asked me silently to replace them back after school

ok try this take a small piece of plastic a small slot will be on a alarm switch put in there a the dye pack will not go off i done it before.

reminds me of a couple of weeks back, some people at our school set off the fire alarms every day for a whole week just as lunchtime finished, no-one was allowed inside at breaktime for the rest of the year.

thats pretty harsh i'd just set up a system when the alarm box covers opened a dye pack Explodes in their face !!

in that case a 2.4 ghz wireless camera should play half the thing if its a fake fire a fiver and give a bully a paintball gun and look away!

Pretty reckless action by (nameless).

I tried this when my teacher was out of the class room and it didn't work and i almost got caught

Ummm... A relative of mine install's sprink system's. From his explanation I would guess...
The black stuff would be the fluid inside the glass pressurized vile that your nameless hit and broke with the pen... It is designed so when heat expands gas inside the vile it rupture's under pressure, expressing it's content's (your black liquid) this should have only been about 30ml but in 0.5ml droplet's, everyone would get covered...

The only other thing...unless the school was specifically designed to set of sections, only that room's sprinkler would have gone off.. That's the point of it... That's why in massive building blocks, when only one room is ablaze the rest of the building doesn't get destroyed with water damage...
Seem's weird, but I guess it's possible... :)

Here's a good simply one....
At night locate school's main's water supply... Turn off... Smash head of valve...
Not so easy to get a plumber to come out straight away and freeze the line the replace the valve unit...
No running toilet's = everyone goes home...