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Pen Guns Answered

So I was browsing around the site trying to find a pen gun that looked like a normal pen well I was pretty devastated that not even one person could come up with one so I took the mission into my own hands. I wanted one that shot when clicked looked like a real pen yet had fair range is that so hard to ask? apparently but this past year at school I made a break through I made the pen gun of my dreams I will soon be posting an Ible' on it so please keep a look out for it . Will post pictures soon! thanks, Dp Mac


Sweet knife dude

what are they called so i can look them up and make them or have u not posted it yet

i have a instructable on them https://www.instructables.com/id/Completly-Concelable-Pen-gun-no-rubberbands/ and thats it

I want to get a real pen gun that shoots .22 rounds.

is that what your pen guns are called?