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Pen cannons Answered

Cannons made of pens.


Here is a link to my powder management instructables to make mini pre packed cartridges for pen cannons. hope this helps

I am about to make a instructable about a really simple one.

cannons made out of pens. do you have any ideas?

Yes; don't use pens. If it's a "real" cannon, a pen barrel will not survive being fired more than once (see: zip guns).

A normal bic pen can withstand a good bit of force, and are disposable.

this is not entirely accurate, if u use a manageable quantity of propellant than the pen barrel can survive for a very long time. i use bic pens

Sorry if that didn't answer your question very well but the exact amount really depends on the type of propellant, barrel diameter, projectile weight and size and just how powerful you want the blast to be.

All of which, as you have said, is mostly guess-work for most people, and many people will use as much as they can.

Yes this is true. Soon I'll be uploading an instructable for pre-packed powder packets for my pen cannons. In it I will include approximate quantities for certain types of projectiles.

People will have a tendency to over pack their cannons and use far too much powder for what is needed. Also if the sealing of the end of the pen is done improperly youre asking for a rupture. I'll be the first to admit that most of my work is done by guess and check, or rather, construct, fire, hope it doesn't blow up lol. But as of yet none of my cannons have yet to rupture.

Yes i have tried. but if you use a metal pen ( IDK where they are sold ) it may work

This is my personal instructable that i think is exactly what youre looking for.


7 years ago

I think i know what Spartan is talking about. Some people have made small cannons using standard Bic pens and the pull-snap fuses from party crackers. I made one, it was crazy powerful, shooting Airsoft bbs through a magazine. It exploded into shrapnel after about a dozen shots. I was firing it in a safety chamber ( cardboard box with window made from the plastic in a soda bottle) so i was unhurt. very dangerous.

What about them?

Got any examples?