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Pencil Tip Carvings by Dalton Ghetti Answered

Artist Dalton Ghetti's pencil sculptures- amazing beauty out of pencil nubs!
NY times article on Ghetti.


remarkable !!!!

I couldn't resist...

Kiteman in pencils.jpg

I could resist...

...well, that's mainly 'cause I couldn't figure out how to do this... =P

I opened an empty Paintshop image, then copied each pencil one at a time. I did think of filling in the background somehow, but I liked the cut-from-the-paper look I ended up with.

Wow, thats talent.


I saw some of these last week at a museum. They are really cool IRL.

Thanks for putting this up! Mr. Ghetti was featured on the MAKE blog three weeks ago, and I forgot to bounce it over here. Great that he got picked up by the Times!

My father sent me some photos initially, part of ongoing discussions we have. I didn't notice the MAKE entry, but I also noticed Boing Boing had a recent article.

Definitely shows that even the most sundry items are a universe of possibility.

Haha I almost posted this topic when I ran across it last week. :) I tried carving on the lead of a pencil and it turned out pretty good. :)