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People in the UK, where do you buy your electronics components? Answered

I'm 18 and just getting into electronics after messing around for some time, and i really need to build up a basic kit/bits no bobs box with the usual myriad of resistors, capacitors, transistors, switches, LED. I don't know of any store near by (I'm in Chepstow, so Cardiff, Newport or Bristol) or are there any good online stores that aren't extortionate in small quantities or pricy delivery for tiny parts? (bearing in mind i wont be buying bulk) Cheers James



Best Answer 9 years ago

Pretty much the same list as Steve really, add maplin to that for a few bits and pieces. I'd also recommend joining your local freecycle (a yahoo groups thing) and putting up a wanted for broken freeview, dvd, vhs boxes as well as dead PCs and other electronicsy things. You'll be able to salvage quite a few transistors, resistors, capacitors, inductors off them. Sure.... some of them will be surface mount but you'll get enough other components to save yourself a few quid and have a good starting selection to work with.

People, let us stop awhile and remember the glory that was once the Maplin catalogue. :-(

Cricklewood Electronics are near me and are dirt cheap. Otherwise CPC, ebay and bluearan.

bowood electronics is very good. The selecton of parts is kind of limited, but there is no minimum order and cheap postage. Also, the postage has been unbelivably quick when I have ordered from them. LiIteraly next day, even though they dont mention that on the site. Im not sure how they manage that

Cheers guys! I've been salvaging but only what breaks around my house, with no transport freecycle is hard, but i've got a small kit building up :) just things like voltage regulators and transistors that arent surface mount i'm lacking =) thanks again!


Old TVs, and stereos are good sources for bits - do some skip-ratting. L

You can't really beat people like Farnell, RS or Rapid Electronics. Rapid can be very keen, but their ranges in things like semiconductors are more limited than Farnell. These days, you can forget people like Maplin once you are looking for any depth in ranges stocked. Steve