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People with the most comments Answered

I have been searching for some people with the most comments. I have also gotten permission from these typing machines to use their name. Here is the list:

1)Instructables Robot (before he malfunctioned)Comment count: -----
1) (currently, excluding Instructables Robot) Goodhart Comment count: 11129
2) Kiteman Comment Count: 8264
3) GorillazMiko Comment count: 7431
4) killerjackalope Comment count: 6043
5) Eggs(Reccomended by GorillazMiko)Comment count: 999999999

I do not recall the number of comments the Instructables robot had before he Malfunctioned.

Anyway, if you, are someone you know also has many comments, tell me and I will add him/her. I do not have many comments. I only have about 985 as I type this.


time to update, kiteman has 9,000 something

omg, he has OVER 9000!?!?!?!?!? why, thats impossible!

Why do you think it's impossible? As you can discover trivially, Kiteman has been a member of Instructables since January 2006. He's posted over 11,000 comments in the nearly three years he's been around. Three years is just under 1100 days, so that's barely 10 comments per day, on average. Math is easy. Try it some time.

*sigh* internet noobs... over 9000 is a 4chan meme that started from dragonball z when some dude says,"vejita! what does the scouter say about is power level?" im not sure how to spell his name btw, but he says "its over 9000!" to wich the other guy says,"what 9000! thats impossible!" which is why i said its impossible for him to have over 9000 comments.


Ah, so it only has a point to teenagers and pre-teens who are into cheap TV anime. Those people would be the "internet noobs", as Goodhart pointed out. We've been involved with Internet-based communication, discussion, and development since before you were born. Which one is the real newbie, here?

i dont like anime i just saw a song made from that clip. an ur da nooALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

That's an insult if I've ever heard one. "nooALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD". hOW CAN kELSE RESPOND TO THAT?

sorry, i saw a picture of hypnotoad when i was typing.

yes, in matter of fact I do think you care many because you not caring will totally contradict your argument If you dont care about where hypnotoad is from, then why should we care about 9000. Honestly, I think every comment on this thread by you is a troll

L1K3, IDK How In The World N31 Iz Sapposed To Respond 2 Dat.

I'm sorry. I must have missed something. I must have.

Did you just call kelsey and internet noob?!

Let me tell you something, my crude and fruity friend. Knowledge or lack thereof of a silly internet meme does not a noob make. Pointless and untrue insults, on the other hand...

As he points out below, he is anything but an internet noob. Your argument for him being an internet noob is that didn't have knowledge of one joke of one subculture on a network of truly staggering proportions. Rather a poor data set on which to base a conclusion, don't you think?

No worries. I think Adrian saw the troll's response to me before she saw its response to you. Unfortunately, you got sucked into the same troll-trap Adrian and I both did.

Yeah, but I have this tenacity, I have in the past actually out talked a few trolls (it's a gift, or maybe I just annoy people and no one but trolls admit it to me? :-)

A rickroll. That's nice. Now did you have something concrete to add to this conversation?

Actually, it wasn't even a Rick Roll, at least not the way you've explained them to me. No indirection, no sneaky URL, no nothin. Just a naïve fool posting a second rate video with purpose.

I hope you're sitting down now, otherwise your feet are going to get tired :-D

im pretty sure if he went on 4chan, hed be scared for life :0

ive been on 4chan and im not scared for life. none of /x/s picturesmin the scary picture thread are scary. and ive found some funny pictures that ive put here on /gif/.

bwahahaha i went to 4chan just now and my brother got our ip banned because he posted some batch virus or something

honestly people who just do things that started on 4chan are sooo lame anyways. Like yesterday someon 'quoted' something from 4chan on the chatroom, I got annoyed >:0 you know what you did

i woont spam it or be annoying unless im bored and have nothing better to do :P

well its not like its a sticky under forums or anything!

right....I was using BBS's through accoustic couplers long before the internet. Do you remember ARPANET ?

heard about it but you havent heard of over 9000 so ur a n00b :)

Let's see. Have you heard of the Goodtimes virus? Bus Uncle? Mahir Çağrı? Dancing Matt?