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Performance. Answered

We all want our guns to shoot far and to fire fast, but how much performance do we actually need? Makers of Oodammo pistols boast that they shoot 60 - 70 feet, but there is no way that you can reliably hit a moving target with a knex gun at that range with any weapon, especially pistols.

A good weapon should be able to fire fast, and be accurate to say 30 feet. This would allow the said gun to hit targets ar range reliably.

Think about it.


Someone else gets it finally. -_-
Well, the KIers get it now, but they're still going to argue that range is super important. Really, we should be working on shotguns and perfecting RBGs, in my opinion.
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Fully agreed, a light simple gun will allow you to dodge and get in close where you can unload

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don't forget you'll be charging a team with TRs an other longer ranged K'nex guns that all will have a shot or two an ya before you have a chance to shoot even once
it sounds simple but its harder than it seems

You can also only fire a gun effectively in front of you. Once you are put on the run, I can still fire, you can't. But that's not my strategy to just rush in. I've always been a sort of flanker. Assuming I have team mates using longer range weapons as well, it's not like you'll have your entire focus on me after all.

i agree flanking would be the desired technique but both semis and shotguns had a difficult time getting in range and/or flanking the opposite team because everyone was watching everyone's back so even if you went after one guy 2 or 3 other guys were still in range to shoot you... ask ooda how is semi worked out at the war... or ask me lol i used a shotgun for a few rounds an although it worked well if/when i could get close in i was more often shot before i could even get a shot off... i promise you its harder than it sounds lol
but im not saying im against ROF or shotguns its just a matter of making them better right now before they will be truely effective against the standard long range guns

Because range is important. A gun that gets better range will shoot faster at the 30-40 foot mark than one that just barely shoots that far. Besides that they used shotguns quite a bit at pande' 11. Mepain even went as far as to make a double barreled shotgun which he bragged about for a bit on the KIchat.

Semi autos are important too, especially at the 30-40 foot range. The WASP will be improving this greatly.

Y'know, I thought about it, and while there's greater ease in just pulling the trigger, couldn't you rapidly pull back the pin only part way on other guns? You'll get similar range without needing to use a specially designed semi automatic gun.

If however, the guns have the same specs as far as shooting goes, the extra half second lets say may be a help. Especially since all knex guns are "specially designed" if you think about it. I see what you mean though.

When you think about it, it'll take relatively the same amount of force with your finger on a trigger as with your hand on a pin to get the same amount of range. Well the act of moving your finger seems simpler than repeatedly pinching the pin, it's also more stressful. Pulling the pin only a couple inches will probably get you similar ranges and similar timing while still offering the option to cock the weapon for more range.

Think of it like this. If a gun can shoot 70 feet, it goes about 40-50 feet flat before it begins to drop off. A gun with a range of 40 feet will go for about 20 feet flat before it drops off. Even though you are never going to hit anyone from 70 feet, it will be easier to hit them at 30 feet compared to a shorter ranged gun.

I have thought about that, the effective range of a gun. Another thing to think about is that because gravity affects all ammo at a relatively similar rate, and because none of them provide lift, more range must imply a faster velocity which is also useful. However, we don't need to scrape the bottom of the jar for each little bit of range potential, in my opinion. Optimal or not, I'm walking into the next war with an oodammo pistol and calling that good.

force of gravity acting on an object = 9.81ms^-2. If person shoots gun at say 1.5 metres flat the bullet will spend 0.55 seconds in the air before it will hit the ground. so to fire 20 metres (60 feet) the gun must shoot at 36ms^-1 (109 feet per second) however this is only to just land at that distance.

yay physics!

But I see your point, Any gun that can reliably shoot say 10 metres (30 feet) that is light with a fast reload and high fire rate will do well.

Just coz I can:
Kinetic energy of Knex bullet with mass of 50g that shoots 20 metres

Ek = 1/2 mv^2 (this is why velocity is important)
=32.2 joules which isn't really that much.

Wouldn't aerodynamics of the projectile you are firing affect the distance of how far it's going?

the above calculation assumes no friction or lift, in reality surfaces on the projectile and air resistance would affect the distance it travels.

which it why sniper rods are amazing.

Well this is the physics that directly relates to this topic, I coukd talk about conservation of momentum and how the spring constant, k, is different for each band you use. Entry level physics directly apply to this, anything else is unneeded.

Besides exams in 7 weeks and it pays to revise.

a bullet will begin to drop as soon as it leaves he barrel, the drop is not as noticeable due to its higher initial velocity, air resistance will slow the bullet down and make the drop more noticeable.

The bullet will travel in a fashion similar to the x=4ay parabola.

KILLERK is right about teams preventing close-range from being effective. Having long range weapons gives a team control of the field. Even if you get rushed when you run out of ammo, you can count on your team to keep the rusher away while you reload.

Unless you're the last man left on your team.

it honestly depends on where you plan on having your K'nex war
inside, outside, small area with lots of cover or large open areas with less cover
there is no one all perfect gun for each area however much like modern armies tend to shoot aks and m16 varients it is apparent that an all purpose generally good at everything gun is where it is at
an most important is reliability a gun isn't much good if it is constantly braking
im all for shotguns and semi's its just a matter of how good we can get em and where the fight is taking place
and in my opinion if fin ammo was used more frequently at wars the range of kills would also increase but like i said fin ammo is good for outdoor wars where shotguns might own an indoor fight
its all relative
anyway good chattin

I agree with you and TD on this. I think the WASP is a very suitable war gun because it a has a fast rate of fire, but doesn't reach range that far, only to about 40ft with mine using six 32 bands. But your not going to actually try and hit somebody from 70ft away. So in Zak's case as well, yes fire rate is more important since Zak said that most people didn't shoot at each other until 40ft or less at Pandemonium 2011. I never thought that range was important which is why I listened to TD a lot throughout all my years here with him on ibles. You just don't want your gun necessarily shooting 20ft because you want your gun to shoot at least 40ft so you know you can hit your target at a little of a distance. I hope I make sense, lol. =D


7 years ago

From my experience at Pandemonium 2011, I would say that yes, fire rate is more important than a lot of people might expect. However range I would still say is even more important. Some of the rounds at the war required to be able to take pot shots, from far away, at people or targets at least 50ft away. This is mainly because of how the area was set up with trees. Most of the hits I would say throughout the day were at 40ft and less.

And so, I do not understand what you are doing with your stupid firing system that holds bands. Terrible fire rates.

I know, which is why I'd use a gun like the swagboss if I ever went to a knex war.

i bow may be good if everyone else was using slingshots, but it otherwise is a liability with its long reload time.

I used the swagboss a lot at the war, and I'll admit that it didn't quite have the range I desired.

Range outside is usually shorter than that inside due to denser air (due to higher levels of moisture) and wind, but I'm surprised the SB didn't perform that well.

Okay seriously. No one gives a damn about your physics lessons. If my plastic toys shoot the little plastic projectiles the way that I want them to, I'm happy.

you have a point