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Period Pad for dogs? Answered

My Boston Terrier has her period. How do I make pads for her? Any suggestions?



I'd have her spayed. I never have had an unspayed dog. Otherwise i can't help you.


8 years ago

do you sew? I made some diapers for my dog. I just made my own pattern, but I've been sewing for a long time. There are quite a few free patterns on line for free like this one otherwise, many people just buy children's underwear and put a regular pad in there. They don't bleed a lot like humans so just a light pad will due. Then you just have to deal with the dog trying to tear the diaper off! but it's better then getting "yuck" on your couch. Good luck!

They have them at pet stores.  They are not expensive and they come with the support garment.  Why bother diy-ing and maybe making a mess?