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Periscope Answered

I'm looking for a gaget that will allow me too read book titles of prices on low shelves without crawling on all fours. Hey, I'm 74. I look rediculous in libraries and find it hard to get up. Some sort of a periscope might work, or a traveling low chair to scoot along on and handle to help get up.


a simple angled mirror on a stick?

The reason a tube with 2 mirrors (actual periscope) would work better is that one would not have to try to decipher what one was trying to read :-) Mechanics use the mirror on the end of a telescopic handle to see leaks etc, but it is hard to read reversed text.

Thanks goodhart I'm working on that periscope idea with mirrors. N

You're welcome. That last link I listed is probably the easiest one. But the PCV pipe one would be more sturdy.

Congrats ! I can't imagine being 74 as I am only pushing 50 and I have difficulties getting up from the squat position etc.

Here is an inexpensive idea link to periscope kit

Or this simple one can be constructed at home: [http://fog.ccsfhttp://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/~tbardin/html/periscope.html Periscope homemade link]

and finally one last simple construction link....

Hold a digital camera down low, take a shot in the general direction and then look at the screen? Or you could point out to the staff that you are 74 and having titles too low to read is restricting your right of access - I don't know how it stands in the US, but it is a legal obligation over here that all public & commercial buildings be 100% accessible to all visitors. Big fines if you don't do it.