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Permanent Magnet Motor Answered

I learned a couple of years ago about a motor developed by Nikolai Tesla that operates using neodymium magnets. If anyone has any information about this or other similar motors, please post information and help to save the earth from the evils of oil!


To clarify, an electric motor and a generator are one-in-the-same. If the initial (starting) energy put into it is ELECTRICAL, then the output energy is MECHANICAL. If the initial energy put in is MECHANICAL, then the output energy is ELECTRICAL. In the case of an electric fan, an electric current sent through it produces mechanical energy that turns the blades. If the blades are turned by a strong enough wind without an electric current going through the motor already, an electric current is induced and electricity is generated.

"To clarify, an electric motor and a generator are one-in-the-same" That statement is universally true. that is not without making modifications. An auto motive alternator is going to function as a motor, nor is an AC induction motor, not without modifications. I don't think it's possible at all to use an AC shaded pole motor as a generator.

I love electricity! Without electricity, I wouldn't be able to express how much I love electricity!

simple perpetual magnet motor design. put magnets in that order all facing one way and get a separate magnet and start repelling the other magnets for it to spin very simple.

perpet motor.gif

When you hear the term "pole" used in describing a motor it is referring to the magnetic fields that are usually switched on and off electrically in rapid sequence in an electric motor. This field switching creates a sort of magnetic wave cheer if you will, similar to what you might see spectators doing at a sporting event. The wave is what imparts movement to the shaft, or rotor, that passes through the center of the structure that supports the magnets, commonly referred to as the stator. This is the essence of how the high speed Maglev (magnetically levitated) trains are motivated.

This is not meant to be an all inclusive explanation but a simple one since there are differences between alternators and generators as well as examples of motors that have the role of stator and rotor reversed. Bucket Basher's example is also a helpful visualization.

Regardless of the construction issues of friction, gravity and mechanical efficiencies are always going to act to drag the motor to a halt if additional energy inputs are not continually added on top of that required to overcome the initial static inertia on start up.

Aside from the development of Alternating Current, the radio, particle beam weapon theory, and a polyphase energy transmission (how we get our electricity today) Tesla also worked extensively with harmonic frequencies and low frequency wireless energy transmission (the Tesla Effect). He demonstrated an example of his wireless electrical transmission over one hundred years ago.

If we consider the implications of Tesla's A.C. current in relation to his identification of naturally occurring mediums and frequency waves that possessed and could transmit energy, the next step - to an engine that appeared in fiction years later - seems quite feasible. That engine was mentioned in the novel Atlas Shrugged in the late 1950's.

Ayn Rand's hero, John Galt, in the story is an engineer who designs an engine that is said to gather static electricity from the atmosphere, concentrate it and channel it into transmission wires. Not too far removed from what Nikolai Tesla was working toward about a hundred years ago.

Ideas for perpetual motion devices have been around since before da Vinci's time and they have all been shown to be physically impossible. Maybe someday Galt's engine will be built and actually become the engine of the world.


V track motor.gif

You are so right! An animated GIF can certainly be constructed to look like perpetual motion. Well done!

Very simple, and very wrong. But hey, thanks for playing!


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What a site!

What isn't unsubstantiated woo-woo is paranoid conspiracy theory.

I have a theory that by combining a well made Ecklin-Brown generator with some kind of EV, you would be able to not only charge the battery(ies), but also provide ample amounts of power for when needing an extra boost. up hill or accelerating.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBbKOVGZ6Rw seems to indicate that with greater loads the resistance drops..............


Scientifically, that's not a theory. It would be more accurate to refer to any of the devices on f-e-i as badly-researched science fantasy.

This has room for improvement by adding more spring loaded magnets to the outside.

V track motor.gif

A looped gif animation is not evidence of free energy - I've looked at the site, and I see no evidence at all that the "motor" works as the animation implies.

Can you see where this video from the site fails?


It wont hurt to try.

Innovators never got anywhere by sticking with what was available.

All Electric America.

here is a page full or ''working'' permanent magnet motors.
if you decide to try makeing some of them and if they actualy work
let me know.


V track motor.gif

this is what i found and it looks like a genuine perpetual magnet motor called a V track magnet motor. The web site as plans to build one.

V track motor.gif

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try looking up "the energy machine" by joe newman.

Well a motor works by a coil of wire with an electric current running through it. The magnet inside then spins. Essentially it's the opposite of a generator.

Wait sorry the wire doesn't have a current in it, but the spinning magnet moves the electrons in the wire to create electricity.

Well you where correct the first time in a manner. Permanent Magnet generators, and motors only recently became practical. For a long time motors required current to flow through both the rotor, and the field windings to operate, except for certain AC motor types. Generators required a current in the field windings.

Tesla did not have Neo Magnets, to the best of anyone's knowledge! He did have electromagnetism to play with. But I think the type of motor you are interested in is part of a movement known as Free Energy Generation. Your best bet, to get your feet wet and start to understand what you are attempting, is ot go to www.johnbedini.net and scroll down to the Motor Hits link and browse around the website and get a feel for this type of technology. Also, there is a German Fellow that has videos, on YouTube, that you need to see. Type in (Exactly this;) '3 phasen.' It is in German but if you watch all his videos (Aout ten) you'll see what is involved with making real power and torque with a device that will generate 120 volts A/C power! The Bedini camp is charging batteries, huge numbers of batteries, and you could build one large enough to power your lights and a small toaster oven.


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it would be cool if there was a motor that ran just on magnetic force without any input, but if there were, i would have seen one. i've tried to make one myself and it isn't simple.

I learned about water motor developed by a guy a couple of years back it was shown on national telvision and every thing when it cooled down guy appeared to fall off the back of a train when his friend made another off his design he mystriously ended up dead to ( its a conspiracy dude) and guess whos behind it OOooooooOOOOoooooohhhhhh

Neodymium magnets were developed long after Mr Tesla was well-dead and buried, can you find this thing that's using his name to give it some impression of credibility?


You can also install energy efficient appliances, like stoves, water heaters and air conditioning units and replacing light bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs.<br /><br />I’m using a system to generate my own eletricity at home, and I went from paying $188.60 (monthly) in electricity bills to $21.65 and I’m more than happy with it. You can get the blueprints <a href="http://budurl.com/magneticenergy">here</a><br /><br />I agree that using using fossil fuels doesn't save anything at all for the planet.<br /><br /><br />

Fascinating. How does it work? Has it been succesfully patented yet? Has anyone bought the rights for commercial production? Has it been entered for the <a href="http://www.overunity.com/index.php?topic=3631.0">Randi prize</a>, which it would win if it worked as described?<br />

He makes me... Randi?

How do you feel about the former Rolling Stones' bassist?<br /><br />Hmm, pejorative term for angry atheists = "Dawk"?<br /><br />I love puns... you might have gathered.<br />

I might have gathered NO MOSS!

(Yeah, I'm kind of starting to notice. It's one of the reasons I hang around Goodhart and Catilin's Dad.)

I dont think Tesla had Neo magnets at his disposal back then but anyways search google video for "magnet motors" you should get a return of about a zillion various designs prototypes and docs from alot of people attempting to build there own! L8r

Almost all electric motors use magnets. Using electricity doesn't "save" anything if the electricity is generated using fossil fuels.

Why do the magnets in a generator have to be moving? Isn't there any way to harness that energy without something spinning it?