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Permanently Staining Steel? Answered

I would like to permanently stain all of a knife or a portion of the blade.  Does anyone have any recommendations.


I believe there is also a method of using mustard to stain knives. I'm fairly sure I saw it on a knife makers forum and works well on carbon steel. It should be fairly easy to make a pattern as well with a fine tipped lid on your bottle

I'm guessing your talking about a stainless steel blade. They call it stainless for a reason. With a bit of research it seams you can color stainless steel. Problem is the process used requires harsh chemicals that would not be safe to use at home if you could even get a hold of them in your home.

I am not attempting to stain stainless steel, but carbon steel, and was trying to find a way of permanently coloring it. I know you can use gun blue, but it is not permanent, and I will be doing it at home so harsh chemicals would be out of the question.

Well no coloration is permanent, they can all be damaged or removed. If blueing the steel isn't permanent enough for you then i doubt you'll find anything that is. What kind of wear and tear does the coating have to put up with?

The best process for it is to electrolytically etch it, but a lot depends on what colour you are expecting, and on what material.



4 years ago

I don't know exactly what look you are trying to achieve, but if it is carbon steel, gun bluing will definitely stain it. If it is a stainless steel blade, the likelihood of finding anything that will work well isn't great.