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Knex Bouncing Betty: Anyone Interested? Answered

How do you feel about using tactical items like mines?  I'm just looking for an opinion from people, since recently I made one for fun. It resembles a 'Bouncing Betty' and it works by tripping a switch. By the way it's built, it's usable outside and inside. Tell me what you think of it, and I will post it up soon.

Update 4/28/11: Posted Photo Instructable. Please see the first model and subscribe for future variations.


if you post i will make two ro three

Cool, then you can guarantee that it will absolutely surprise anyone that may trip over them :)

Please know that I am not responsible for any injury that may occur when in use.

Updated. Photo Instructable made. Please tell me what you think.

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Clarifying that it is something made out of Knex would be a good idea

I figure that it would be obvious, since this topic is under knex...

Strategic atomic bombs are more impressive.

I agree, but it sounds too dramatic to make with knex ':)