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Personal battle over my Profile picture... Input? Answered

So, those of you who have seen me around the site know that I always have the same profile picture. In fact, I have never changed it. That little Bionicle dude has been my face on here since pretty much day one. I'm pretty attached to it.

That said, my friend brought up a valid point the other day: To other people it makes me look a bit like a little kid. I disagreed, citing the number of Instructables and the Pro tag that goes along with my pic. He said that that aside, people would take me more seriously if I had a more... grown up picture.

Frankly, I know that it is a stupid thing to over-think, but it kind of stuck in my head, asking myself if I should shed the old familiar face for a more professional image, or, keep the generally playful image people have come to (maybe) know, and (hopefully) love.

This is probably one of the most bitchy self-serving topics you will ever read on this site, but I haven't slept in about 30 hours, so I plead that in defense.

Any input or perhaps deserved ribbing?


I have had my profile picture since I started on instructables. I dont think people think of me for my picture, but for what I make.
The same as what Kiteman said, it is not necessarily a reflection of your personality.

IMO, avatars are similar to a signature - recognisably yours from a distance, but not necessarily a reflection of your personality.

Take my own avatar - it does not look like me, but it is me because I use it all the time. Sometimes I tweak it, depending on events outside the site, but they are almost always variations on the theme, and anything too far from the "norm" is always temporary.

You could go the same way - stick with the same general theme, but slowly modify it as your mood decides.

If I was using your avatar, the first thing I would do is simplify it - take a new version of the photo, against a plainer background, or, as below, delete some of the background and replace it with something plainer.

Alternatively, you could ask the wider membership to draw something for you that they feel reflects the person they see posting.

ilpug bionicle.jpg

My mood changes so harshly I need varied avatars :-)

That is a pretty good idea... and thanks for the example pic! I could actually take new pictures seeing as I never took that particular build apart...

Feel free to use it.

"This is probably one of the most bitchy self-serving topics you will ever read on this site," -- Hey, you put it in the right category, so who should be complaining, eh?

Your "avatar" should reflect your personality, and your preferences, not some loud-mouthed whiner.

Ha, I was about to ask you what in the name of Science had gotten into you, but then I saw the quotation marks around that beginning sentence. :D

You have a good point :P

NO!! LEGO FTW!!!!!!!

Go with what expresses something of yourself.
If the Bionicle-dude is a good reflection of you stick with it, but rather like a haircut; if it doesn't suit you - swap it.


Since you asked...

When I saw the Bionicle icon, I assumed that you are in middle school, but hadn't really thought about it until you asked.

Looking at your profile, I can see that you are in the 18-20 range, depending on how often you update your profile info. By reading what you write, I can see that you are literate and a critical thinker.

I think both you and your friend make valid points. The question is, what do you use Instructables for? If you are here mostly for fun and fellowship, keep the Bionicle. If you ever list your work on Instructables on a resume, it might be best to update your icon to reflect your engineering mind. Maybe a close-up of some gears or something?