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Personalized Pet Products Ideas Answered

We've just completed our first  instructable on our company for personalized pet products.  We're looking for ideas on dog breeds that we should focus on for our Limited Edition Ts. Let us know if your breed is not being represented in the marketplace.  We hope you enjoy our instructable.



Sorry, but I've never met a dog that can read, nor have I met a dog-owner who kept forgetting the breed of their companion.

Hi! Thanks for taking a look at our video. The idea is to have products personalized to show off your dog's breed to other pet parents. We always have people asking us if our Cavachon is a Shih Tzu, not many people have heard of Cavachons yet. When we wear our Cavachon apparel its exciting to have other people say to us My dog is a Cavachon too! or My friend just got a Cavachon. Thanks again for taking a look.