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Petition to extend the deadline to enter the led challenge Answered

I vote they extend the deadline...who's with me?


I vote YES. (How do I vote?)
I gave you +1. Is that how you vote?

Please extend!!!!!! I need parts!

then it would not be a speed contest, would it ? I understand how you feel, I still can't get my wife to move her stuff from out of my work area (she's working one it, yeah).

working ON it *sigh* I can't seem to stop writing ONE instead of ON

I'm going to post it anyways, even if it isn't the way I want it to be. (finished today!)

Technically, it is not a FAST speed contest. It is only a SPEED contest. That could be any speed. Such as a slow speed. Such as is caused by extending the deadline so as to allow more people to enter, and make better projects and write better instructables.

You don't have to enter the speed contests - you can always wait for the bigger-prized longer-deadline contests to display your better work. It's a good bet that there will be a Hallowe'en contest this year, which gives you nine months to prepare stuff, and then there's another month and a half after that for a Festive contest. I work on the assumption that any period of celebration will kick off some sort of contest - Valentine's day, Mothering Sunday, Easter, Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, Christmas - especially if it is traditional to make stuff for it. If I do a project that suits those times, I often save it until the contest is announced.

I would vote yes, simply because I feel like crap and may not finish my project by the deadline, but on the other hand what is the title? Oh, yes, "How to Enter the Get the LED Out! Speed Challenge." Being fast is part of the contest.


10 years ago

It's a speed contest.

Against - it's a speed contest.

Actually, I have a bit of advice for those people who lack ideas for contests - write all your ideas down, and start writing them up whenever you can.

I keep a notebook of ideas (it's got about 10-15 ideas in it that re yet to see the light of day), but if I get my idea while the computer is switched on I write it up and leave it unpublished until I get a chance to actually do it. My unpublished list currently has 15 projects in it, two of them unfinished from previous contests. I finish them whenever I can, but some I leave half-done with the specific intent of getting a head start in future contests.

For instance, this was originally planned for Hallowe'en.

i vote yes only because im getting the parts i need on saturday, and the contest ends sunday


10 years ago

i vote yes

Its a speed contest, so it probably can't be shortened.

But the petition is to extend it....

Haha whoops! I meant lengthened...sorry! I mixed up my words there.