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Philips schematics Answered

Philips boombox schematic

I am attempting to add an external jack to a Philips AZ 1564 boombox and need to know where on the amp c/b to tap into.
This jack will be for my MP3 player, searching the internet has been fruitless.
Does anyone know where I may be able to find this info?   Preferably for free....lol

Thanks in Advance !



7 years ago

I can't comment on your particular model of radio, but the way I would approach this problem in general would be to find the components that look most likely to be the amplifier, look up IC part numbers to try to find functions and pinouts, and perhaps use a multimeter (or some headphones you don't mind blowing) to test the lines you consider likely.

If you tune the boombox into the radio you should be able to pick up the audio between the radio tuner and the amp, and that is the point you will want to tap into.

This doesn't have an external audio-input, you'll have to make one.
This means taking it apart and finding the audio lines to the amp. Can you do that and add pictures to this topic?


Thanks for your input, but I fully realize what is involved in adding this input.
The unit is disassembled to the point where I have easy access to the amp
What I need now sir, is a schematic or diagram showing me where exactly on this board to tap into

If you can identify the L & R channels you can splice a DPDT switch in there, then your audio socket, split your inputs over a 100K pot' perhaps.