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Phone connection Answered

I tried entering some codes to try to connect my samsung t301g to my mac. The phone didn't do much. I wasn't sure if I am supposed to enter the codes in the main menu. The link shows the codes that should work.


Can you explain what you're trying to accomplish?
All you need is a cable from your phone to a USB. I do this all the time on my Mac to transfer files.

I want to try to find deleted contacts. They were deleted like a month ago, but I hope to read info off the sims card and transfer it through bluetooth. Unless you have the same phone I didn't see any data being transferred through usb. Tracfone says it can't.

With the Tracfone SIM card, you can't copy and move all your contacts (in a "select-all" sort of way); but you can copy individual contacts to another Bluetooth enabled Tracfone or with a backup program on your computer. They are saved individually with a .vcf extension.

The problem is, if you haven't previously saved the contacts to your computer, there is no way of retrieving them now. There is no hidden backup on your SIM card that you can access to allow you to restore what's been deleted.

In the future, you should copy your contacts to your Phone Memory. Again, you can't do a mass copy and paste, but for the most important contacts, its worth having them saved on your phone as well as the SIM card.

(If you want to know how, let me know).

Can I see my deleted texts through a bluethooth connection, Iike could with a sims card reader?

The only things you can get off the SIM card are things you can access off your phone (contacts, text msgs etc). Unfortunately, if they've been deleted, they're gone.

Then what is this talking about? http://www.dekart.com/howto/howto_sim_reader/how_to_recover_a_deleted_sms/

The info is for recovering deleted data from a SIM card, however, from what I understand, it won't work with the Tracfone. Now, that doesn't stop you from trying it. What you need to be aware of, is that old info is not going to be recoverable (off any SIM card), because there is a limited number of "slots" available.

Lets say your phone has 20 available slots, and the deleted SMS is a month old. If you've received more than 20 new messages in the past month, the slot containing the deleted message is gone and has been overwritten with new data. This is why any recovery should be done immediately, and many will suggest you even turn off the phone to prevent receiving new messages and therefore permanently deleting the message you want to recover.

Do you think that it is possible with the right software to get wifi on my phone? Bluetooth and wifi are the same frequency.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Unlocking your phone just enables you to use it on a different cel phone carrier.

It should 'connect' to your mac for file transfer purposes by default.

I want to change from Tracfone service to Consumer Cellular. Will I lose my internet browsing capability if I unlock it? I want to give it consumer cellular's data plan. Also can I use the same SIM card?