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Phone vibrations? Answered

I was looking to start a new project, and I need some help. Does anyone know anything about tiny electronic vibrators, such as the ones found in phones? What are they called? Where can I get some? I try searching for info on google and stuff, but, searching up vibrators just doesn't really give me what I'm trying to find... if ya know what I mean, its just all the wrong kind of information. Thanks in advance for any help



11 years ago

Wrap wire around a motor's shaft or pully and a nut on the edge, Saturate the wire in solder so it grabs the (usually unsolderable) shaft, and connect a battery. Bvzzz!

You could go to a place the recycles old phones (like Best Buy?) and "steal" one, take out the motor and return it to the bin.

If you have a xbox controller laying around you can take it apart and there are 2 vibrators in there. A bigger one, and a smaller one. I always got a kick out of putting the ends of the wires to a battery.

hey what are you going to do with them


11 years ago

The usual term seems to be "pager motor"; as Animal says, they're typically motors with an offset weight on the shaft, but there is also a sort of disk style.
(usually the emphasis I've seen is in getting the weight off so the motors can be used as general purpose motors.) Anyway, they're widely available from surplus dealers like:
All Electronics
Electronic GoldmineBigger, too!

You can also consider extracting them from cell phones, pagers, and "rumble" game controllers, all of which also appear in the surplus market on a regular basis. Or even the "vibrators" that your searches turn up...