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Photo file size for Instructables? Answered

When uploading photos for a new Instructable, should we first reduce the file size? Or does the site automatically do this? Have not seen this mentioned. Thanks.


The site will re-size - I reduce the size just to make the upload faster.

Are you on a dial up connection ? :-o

I'm not. But might as well deal in KB rather than MB.

There are members who upload huge 6000 x 4000 pixel files
that are re-sized


you can double click on any picture and get
the option to see it in full resolution..


That's good to know, thanks.
I have a Stirling engine Instructable in the works, and being able to see fine detail will be a plus.


Looks good, but be aware that for your title picture you should allow a fair bit of background at the sides as Instructables crops the main display picture to an almost square format.  You may just get away with that one.

Thanks Andy, good point. I will be taking several more photos for this Instructable, so will do as you suggest.

Interesting machine

Superb FOCUS

You should engrave your name so it is only legible at 4563x3104