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Photo-storage device recommendations? Answered

I have an Archos AV700TV that I use as a backup for my digital photos as well as a photo album.

Unfortunately, its 40GB memory is full.

Any recommendations for a replacement device?  What I need is 100GB+, reasonably pocket-sized (the Archos is about 4.5 inches wide in its case), USB connectivity, rechargeable battery, and a screen (it doesn't have to be an Archos, but I'd prefer a known brand).

The ability to play videos is a plus, but not a must.

It doesn't have to be new tech or the latest model.

UPSHOT: I bought an Archos 7, 250Gig.  Yummy.



Best Answer 6 years ago

The Archos 7 is pretty swish. You can get models with a 160GB hdd instead of 8gb flash.

Hey, that's effectively a tablet PC as well.

Not bad, for the price.

are you looking strictly for storage space, or do you want something like what you currently have that you can view the pictures stored on it as well without having to hook to an external device?

The second.

I need the backup storage to secure the photos (in case of fire / flood / theft, the only irreplaceable files on the computer are (currently) 46.7GB of photos and other images), and it is a lot easier to show folk my pictures when handing the Archos around than it is to get them all gathered in from of a computer screen.

i did a quick search on ebay and it looks like there are several options of archos viewers that have a SD card slot so that you can store your photos on the cards and just pop in the one you want to view the pics.

Not sure what your budget is but the ones i found on ebay are about half to a third of the cost of buyhing a new archos

SD cards aren't really a useful option - I want to store the images on the device. Thanks for trying, though.