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Photo upload stalls Answered

This has been going on for a while now, back to when the new photo uploader was still being called a beta feature.  Sometimes when a photo is being uploaded, it stalls at 100%.  It stays there indefinitely (I've let it sit for up to 5 hours), preventing all the other photos in the queue from uploading.  This is very annoying when you're trying to upload 100 photos and leave to do something else, only to find it's been stuck at photo #5 (for example) the whole time you were away!  The only way to make things proceed is to cancel the photo that has stalled, then re-upload it once the others have finished.

I typically upload larger files in the 2-3MB range.  I'm using Firefox (latest version) in Mac OS X.  Last time I tried, it did the same thing in Safari.

Please take a look at this issue; having to "babysit" my uploads is one of the worst parts of writing an Instructable because it's such a waste of time!


Is there any way to make it happen? If you tried to upload the same set of 100 pictures, would it stall out at #5 each time, or would it stall once at 5, and maybe at 75 or not at all the next time?

What I'm getting at, is in order to figure out what's causing this and fix it, we have to know why it's breaking. The next time you upload a set of images and it stalls, would you try to do it again, and see if it's repeatable? That way we have something to work off of. Trying to fix phantoms in the interwebs isn't fun.

It doesn't seem to be repeatable. A photo that stalls will upload just fine the second time. I haven't tried uploading an entire set, though.

One thing I noticed is that the upload does work, since the photo is available to use in the library even though I hit the cancel button to move on to the next photo. There is just no indication during the upload process that it worked.

If no one else is reporting issues, then perhaps I'll check my firewall settings and stuff. Could be that things are timing out on my end...

A temporary stop-gap might be to upload them to flickr (or another reputable hosting site) and then embed them with HTML (since you're PRO) - there might also be a way to just attach them without "uploading" to the library. I forget. :D

There's a "Flickr import option in the image library.

I guess I could try that, but it seems like it'd be adding an extra step...

Oh, I agree - I just forsee a 17 month wait for it to be fixed. :|

lol Good point. Maybe not that long but yeah, fixes seem to take a while. Instructables will always be a work in progress.