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Photocell Answered

Hey gang I am trying to find a place to buy a photocell for my kipkay laser alarm as seen on instructables. I bought the laser itself from Aixiz but have not had any luck yet finding the photocell. Thanks for your anticipated help. Bruce in Massachusetts


Or you can get a night light from any dollar store with a light sensor on the front, and just open the case and remove it, and if your lucky they will have LED night lights, I just got a color changing one and on those you simply solder a jumper wire in place of the CdS photocell and put it back together and plug it in and they will run 24 / 7 with out a photocell....


9 years ago

you can get a 5-pack of them at radioshack, look for them under the name of Cds Photocell (Caduim-Sulfide)