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Photography Challenge Discussion Answered

It seems the Instructables topic cannot handle so many replies and comments, and so I am proposing that those who would like to participate in the January Photography Challenge join the 365 Project and follow one another.  Honestly, I really don't like asking anyone to join another site because it's a pain, but the 365 Project is geared specifically to taking a photograph everyday.

Some more advantages:
  • It's very easy to sign up and really isn't so painful.
  • Everyone can follow each other and post comments on individual photographs.
  • It's incredibly easy to submit a photo, and you can submit previous images on past dates.
  • You can view entire calendars of photographs.
  • It would take some of the burden off Instructables and make the challenge less frustrating.
  • You can link to your Instructable's account on your profile there and potentially encourage some outsiders to check out your stuff.

All in all, it's going to be a bit of a trade-off.  I signed up for an account on January 2nd, submitted a photo for the day and the previous day, and have really enjoyed how easy it is to use, but I know not everyone's going to be down with it because I'm sure we're all signed up on different things all over the place which gets a little hard to manage.  For anyone who doesn't want to join the 365 Project, please start a forum topic dedicated to sharing your daily photography throughout the month of January.

Patches will still be awarded to those who complete the challenge.  It will be easier for me to account for participation through the 365 Project, but I'll be able to take account of a forum topic as well.

If you join the 365 Project, please let me know so I can follow you on the site.  You can find my member page here.

I'm really sorry for asking this because I know the topic has been frustrating people, including me, but I think the best solution is to either join 365 or start individual forum topics.  I'm fine with either when it comes to awarding patches.


I had a fun month taking and sharing photos, great challenge!

Thanks for this idea -- had been trying add my pictures to the original discussion but for some reason nothing would post. Am now on 365 (though I still need to fill in some days to catch up): http://365project.org/waterbaby/365

Just saw this, start a personal thread tomorrow.

Here's my 365. And of course I'm also posting them every day on my blog.

ehh i dont have any pics yet i quit. end of story i forgot!!!

You can still get a patch for taking a photo 20-30 days out of January.  It's only the 8th.


7 years ago

Moved all my pix. Only going to post there now.


Okay I'm in too. I'll just post over there from now on.